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My activity spikes every Wednesday because of this post 

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Excuse me, I think you’re forgetting a few people






And last but not least…




It got so much better

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Killian Jones gets a new wardrobe (10/?)

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The thing is, Craig, it’s tomorrow. Can’t put it off anymore. Tomorrow is the day I d—.

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Plz someone link me to the video or send it to me I’m dying…

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Entering the lower level of the TARDIS tomb, when Clara asked the Doctor if he loved River Song, he replied, “She was clever and brave and kind and funny. And had more love in one heart than I could ever have in two.”  -DRAFT SCRIPT, DWM GUIDE 2013

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God, please let this be true!

Please let it be true please let it be true plz plz plz

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Someone link me to the leaked episode(s) please… I know it’s been days… but pretty please…

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(i’m sorry i had to)

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(i’m sorry i had to)

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(i’m sorry i had to)

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I will love you till the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you’ll remember that you’re mine.

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Hello, guys! I’m continuing “A Deal To Ruin You” by Oncer.(http://archiveofourown.org/works/1162817/chapters/2363275)



“Emma…”, David started, trying to realize how the hell he was supposed to tell her what he had just witnessed.

“Hello grandpa!”, Arianna interrupted him, flashing him her brightest smile.

“Hello, little girl!”, he said, taking his granddaughter from her mother’s arms and hugging her tightly.

“You wanted to tell me something?”, Emma asked her father, her smile identical to her daughter’s. It broke his heart, the fact that he had to wipe it off her face the cruelest way. 

Or maybe he didn’t.

“No, no. I was just passing by and stopped to say hello.”, he said.

“Grandpa stopped to say hello! Do you hear that? “, Emma said, talking to her daughter sweetly. She loved her too much.

“Where is Killian?”, her father asked abruptly, confusing Emma with his almost hostile tone.

“I don’t know. I guess he’s at the Jolly Roger.”, Emma answered, carefree and happy.

He had to. He had to tell her.

“Emma, I lied. I do have something to tell you.”, David said, before he could regret it again.

“Arianna, love, can you go to Henry’s room for a while? He’s playing that video game again, but I’m sure he’ll stop if you give him your best smile!”, Emma told her daughter, trying to hide her worry.

“OK, mummy.”, she responded, giving her mother a kiss and heading to the blue door a few feet away from her.

She knocked her brother’s door like a proper lady. And she did look like one for sure. She wore a dress with a flower sewn in the middle of it. Her eyes were blue, like Killian’s, and her hair blonde, though short. She was very smart and curious, a combination that, almost every time, led her to outstanding discoveries. Arianna was a royal, like her grandparents, if you looked at her posture and manners, but she had the… naughtiness of her father.

“Who’s there?”, Henry asked from inside his room, knowing full well who was knocking at his door. Despite his efforts, her younger sister was the only one who respected his privacy. Everyone else just loved opening his door without a warning, many times almost giving him a heart attack. He was a teenager, after all.

“Arianna!”, she yelled, in order for him to hear her. He opened his door slowly and a smile crept up his face.

“Arianna? I don’t know any Arianna!”, he said, faking a confused look. She giggled.

“Yes, you do!”, she said laughing.

“Oh, you’re right! You’re Arianna! My sister! Yeah, I remember now!”, he replied, laughing as well. He just couldn’t resist when it came to teasing her.

“Can I play that princess game?”, she asked him, looking at him with her most innocent face.

“Of course you can!”, Henry said, lifting her up, and closed the door behind him. And then he opened it again.

“Hi mum. Hi grandpa.”, he said, as if he had just noticed them. And then Henry closed his room’s door again, leaving Emma and David alone.

“So… tea?”, Emma asked her father joyfully.

“I’d prefer scotch.”, he replied calmly.

“Okay.”, she said slowly, clearly confused. Emma took two glasses from the counter and filled them with scotch, offering the one to her father.

“So… what’s the occasion?”, she asked, eager to find out what her father wanted to tell her. Emma just hoped it didn’t have something to do with her wedding dress.

“The occasion is you have to be a little drunk to hear what I have to say to you.”

And that was the moment Emma realized that something was up. Something serious and, more importantly, not good.

 “What happened?”, she asked calmly, not daring to look at her dad in the eye.

He couldn’t look at her either.

“Dad, what’s going on? Tell me!”, she insisted, her voice a bit louder than before.

And he did. He told her about Killian, the man she was about to marry in three days, the look on his face. He told her about the brunette woman, who he kissed. He told her how he had held her in his arms, how he had hugged her. He told her about him wanting to explain, but didn’t need to explain anything.

Emma couldn’t believe this. She didn’t want to believe this. Killian, her Killian, wouldn’t do this.

Her breathing was slow and desperate. David knew what that meant, because he had seen it once. When Neal had died. That was Emma completely broken. That was Emma who didn’t have a single tear, because tears weren’t enough. That was Emma who did not have the power to speak, the power to protect herself from outside forces.

“I just thought he was different.” Was all she managed to say, before getting up and moving closer to her father.

“Come here.”, he whispered and took her into his arms, stroking her hair gently. She closed her eyes and imagined a world where no one could her. A world where she could be happy. Sadly, that world did not exist.


He returned home at midnight. Emma had waited for him, because she had to hear him say it. She had to hear her man say it. The worst thing Emma had inside her that night was hope. Hope that it was all a bad dream, a nightmare. Hope that he would come home and tell her that David was lying, that it was a joke, that everything was fake.

But he didn’t.

Instead, he showed up at her door a mess. He had been drinking, she realized. Well, they had one thing in common. She opened the door and let him in.

“Why?” was all she managed to say before breaking down completely, because she was fighting her tears too long. She wanted him to see her cry, to know how much he hurt her. Her tears were nothing compared to the physical pain she felt where her heart used to be.

Despite his heavy drinking, he could walk just fine and it pained her. It pained her because he was drinking to forget. She knew because she had done it countless times, countless nights before.

Killian approached her and touched her arms, holding her and bringing his forehead close, to touch hers. His eyes were wide open and they shined, full of the tears that were to come. Unshed.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’M SORRY!”, he yelled, closing his eyes, allowing the tears to escape.

She brought her mouth to his because that was the only thing she could do. They were both crying, tasting the saltiness of their tears in the kiss.

“It was Milah.”, he simply said, his voice loud, full of regret. “I know it doesn’t change anything, but I wanted you to know.”

Emma took hold of his hand and, after looking at his tattoo, asked; “This Milah?”

“Yes.” He paused. “I didn’t think, it just happened. I loved her for three hundred years and all of it, all of this love just hit me when I saw her. I didn’t… I didn’t think.” He lowered his head.

“And that makes it okay?!”

“No! It doesn’t! I’m so sorry, Emma. I’m…”

“I love you!”, she cut him off. “I need you. “, Emma whispered softly, hurt. “Why did you do this?”

“Because I’m weak.”, he responded.

“You are NOT weak. You might be many things, you ARE many things, but you are not weak.”

“Where is Arianna?”, he asked slowly, after a pregnant pause.

“She’s at my parents’”, Emma replied.

And then… silence.

She knew how it felt like. She understood. She had felt the same way when she had found Neal again. He had left her but she still loved him. Actually, Emma didn’t know, she couldn’t imagine how Killian must’ve felt. He had loved Milah, more than anything. And now she was back.

“I was just hoping things would be easy for once.”, she said and sighed.

“If it were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it, Emma. I’ve been drinking to erase that kiss. I want to feel your lips, your taste in my mouth, not Milah’s. Yes, I love her. But I’m not that man anymore. I want to be with you.”, Killian finished.

“I know.” Was all that Emma said. “ I just need some time.”

She opened the door and showed him the way out.

He cupped her face with his hand and kissed her, his tears reappearing, streaming down his face, reaching their entwined mouths.

“I’m sorry.”, he said and turned around.

“Me too, Killian. Me too.”, Emma whispered, not nearly loud enough for him to hear her.

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