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"You and I fight for the same cause, the protection of this world"

#i’m crying and laughing #no one else could ever ever ever EVER #no one else in this universe even comes close #i think the thing that fascinates me the most about jane and the thing that makes her singularly unique in this universe #is the fact that she is the only one who has the potential to build rather than destroy #everyone else is reacting; to threats to monsters to intergalactic alien godkings #to being thrown into turmoil to being thrown into obscurity and then fighting their way out of it and redeeming themselves #tony builds an iron suit to shed himself of his merchant of death moniker; natasha is doing penance the only way she knows how #thor is relearning himself and learning his privilege and learning to appreciate strength in new ways; steve is trying to remake a dying myt #into a living legend again; banner is just trying to survive; fury is arming earth and literally everyone else #is on the line of defense #literally everyone else has their thoughts contained to their planet and contained in their own realm and galaxy and it’s jane #and only jane who is looking outwards; not even just to the kingdom of god #not even just to usurp the place of heaven #jane is the only one who acts first; her entire life has been a climb from the dirtheap of humanity and daring #to see shapes in the stars and daring to reach for them #everyone else is fighting; everyone else is defending #jane foster #is the one who isn’t mindful of the dirt on her feet #jane foster is the one reaching for the apple at the end of the branch and saying ‘eat’ (via ilvalentinos)

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"he is a man  don’t you forget it"

oh someone wants Killian to get laid this season 


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New challenge: We proved we can get more than 1K reblogs a day
TVD Premieres 10/2.
Today is 7/28

We need 79,249 reblogs to 200Ks

Sounds doable to me!

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"It’s okay, you can say boyfriend…"


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"He’s blushing"
Jennifer  “Gonna-Make-You-Say-It”  Morrison

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New one!

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Well will you look at that, I’m back with more thoughts!


Kay, so I’m going to assume that by now most of you have heard the latest “positive” Klaroline news. If you haven’t, allow me to fill you in! The stuff in brackets is me, fyi. 

Interviewer: We put up a post for fan questions on twitter, and this was the big one. [HA, SUCK IT HATERS]

Julie: Is Josh going to have a love interest?

Interviewer: No. We know there’s no official plan to get Caroline in yet, but are you guys going to be planting any scenes in the narrative that indicate her? [AN EXCELLENT QUESTION, BTW]

Julie: Yeah you know we talked about, we talk about, there’s a conversation that Klaus will be having with someone who has been keeping observations on his past, and will probably mention the connection that Klaus had with a particular woman in his past, and will reference Caroline. Because you know, obviously that was big moment, a big relationship for him, [WE KNOW THAT, WE’VE ALWAYS KNOWN THAT. ARE YOU SURE THAT YOU KNOW THAT?] and [it] continues to linger in his heart and in his brain. He’s got eternal plans I think—he declared [HOWEVER LONG IT TAKES]. So yes, we haven’t erased her at all from the narrative [LIES], we just uh, are biding our time until there’s an opportunity to bring them together, or not bring them together depending on how the story goes.

Ohhhh my god, Julie just stop. Stop it right now—immediately. Hypothetically, let’s say that we actually believe this tidbit of information, and Klaus really will have a conversation about Caroline. What episode is that in? Tell me that you’re not entirely insane and expect us to watch every episode live, twiddling our thumbs, and trying not to break our television sets out of pure rage at the nonsense, while we all just wait week after week for this Caroline mention that may or may not be real? All while in the process providing you, a producer who has done nothing but try to get rid of us, and treat us like garbage, with steady ratings. Oh that is what you want, isn’t it? Yeah, nice try. Listen, trust me when I say that if there really is a Klaroline talk in one of these episodes, WE WILL KNOW WHAT EPISODE THAT IS IN. They made sure we knew about episodes that MIGHT have something for us in it, do you really think they won’t tell us straight up about an episode that is supposed to actually have something in it? I swear, none of you better give this show ratings because of this news! Should that episode come, you know then we can tune in because we’d be proving a point, but until then nobody tune in! Do not let this show walk all over us again! This is Julie being super vague in the hopes that we just watch all of it, like morons, and then we’ll be right back to where we were last season. Not to mention that I literally called this, straight up. The second Paley Fest finished I said she would be regretting it, and well, well, well, look who needs who. Also, look who is all of a sudden extremely optimistic about Klaroline, and right before the season starts? You’re becoming a bit transparent there, Julie. 

"So yes, we haven’t erased her at all from the narrative." 

This is what upset me more than anything because, YES YOU HAVE! You did erase her from the narrative and you’re just pissed that you have to write her in because we refused to let you forget it. And yes, Klaus does have eternal plans for him and Caroline, HOW NICE OF YOU TO FINALLY REMEMBER. Because this fandom hasn’t forgotten for even a second, and you are in for a rude awakening if you’re waiting for that to happen. You give us Klaroline and you get the Klaroline fandom, not before. You can’t be all “we’ll we’re waiting for the opportunity” and “he’ll probably talk about her” because that is just not going to cut it—not anymore. Also, stop lying. We’re not stupid, and it’s about time that you realize that. How are you going to try and tell US, that Caroline hasn’t been erased from the narrative, when she was mentioned literally only twice. Once by Klaus, and once by Tyler, and that’s only because in the crossover it was just impossible not to mention her. So everyone, please be smart about this. While absolutely I would say that we are making progress, we can’t trust her. Julie Plec is finally starting to realize that maybe she really can’t cut out an entire fandom and expect great results. And if she forgets, we’ll be here to remind her. Because that’s what the Klaroline fandom does, we survive. Love you, KC Family! 


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au: klaus and caroline in the morning. (◕‿◕✿)
dedicated to goldcaught.

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"Julie Plec needs to take tips from OUAT producers on how to work with epic love stories and not lose more than half of your fan base."

—(via juststuufff)

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Did JP unintentionally troll her own show via the trailer we were shown at Comic Con?


Ian: 'This is the Vampire Diaries… they'll just bring us back' - Finally someone admits that no one stays dead.

Ian: 'Its like they don't have room for us anymore' - You and every other character EVER. 

Michael: 'Have you heard about a bigger storyline for Tyler?'- Or you know, maybe an actual storyline that doesn’t involve him leaving for half a season. 

Nina:Please don’t pair me up with Trevino’ - In other words: No more love interests. 

Steven: ’I’ve died like a thousand times and I always come back’ - Yep, pretty much. Its been way over done.  

Ian: 'Our own show, its the only logical explanation' -Because why else would JP kill off two main characters? 

Ian: ’There’s only one thing that can save us now, the fans’- So us, viewers, are able to save fictional characters? Did you hear that Klaroliners’? We can save Klaroline 

Ian: 'We need you to make some noise'- Its time to keep making noise Klaroliners' we got this. 


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colin sdcc 2013: they have a thing
colin sdcc 2014: there's something for definite
colin sdcc 2015: maybe they're married

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colin o’donoghue and jennifer morrison || OUAT panel || sdcc 2014

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just a reminder: our otp is a fan favorite and a badass woman

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Jennifer aka the Miss Queen Captain of the CS Ship.